About us

The Go Together portal helps in finding a companion with shared interests for your favourite activities. Meet new people in your area or in any other part of the world.

The portal has been developed in a way that the users can find a suitable companion for any kind of favourable activity quickly and with least time spent online.

In order to ease the search, we offer a broad range of activities varying from snowboarding to bird watching and from fishing to making music together. Pick a preferred activity, chat easily with other companions and you can forget about the internet. You will always have someone to spend good time with.

Our mission

Go Together’s mission is to provide a possibility for people to step out of home, be more active, and enjoy their favourite activities with a companion who has similar values.

An average person spends around 2 hours per day in social media. This time is usually not even noticeable and is accounted from the time that could be spent with friends.

Accordingly, researches and statistics show that actually all of us are way happier when we can spend time with our friends. This is one of the only sources for real and memorable moments that can be remembered years from now.

Go Together environment was born from a wish to connect people and decrease social media’s growing negative impact on mental and physical health. Together we can lower the time spent online, find companions for favourite activities, and return to that sweet sensation of real social interactions.

Based upon researches in America, 72% say that they feel lonely every once in a while. Around 33% stated that they have the feeling of loneliness at least once a week. In addition, articles published in Europe, which are also based on researches, mark a growth in feeling lonely. Go Together aims to change this and bring people together, who in any other way would possibly never meet but could enjoy spending time together. In this way we can all be a bit more active and get more out of our lives.