What is the age limit for using

Go Together has set the minimum age limit of 18 years.

What is the goal of Go Together?

Go Together’s objective is to connect people who have similar interests. Our IT-environment’s focus is to provide an opportunity for people to find a companion for their favorite activities. Go Together does not set limits on companion search except the age limit set for using the portal.

What is the purpose of service providers?

The intention of service provides is to ease the planning of certain activity with your companion. With presenting the service providers Go Together wants to favor easy communication, setting up a meeting in a swift, and finding a location quickly for the corresponding activity.

How is it possible to suggest or add new activities for Go Together portal?

For now, please e-mail us using the form on the page “Help” but in near future under each main category the last activity will be “Suggest an activity!”.

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