What is the difference between a companion search and a flash search?

Companion search is meant for a longer period of time. Using the flash search implies that you are interested in doing the activity within upcoming 24h.

How to find a companion for an activity?

First of all, you have to choose an activity for which you want to find a companion for. Then decide whether you are looking for a flash companion within the upcoming 24h or you want to do the activity in a longer time span. Next, you have to clarify the criteria and create the search. After that you will be able to find possible companions for certain activities under the “Companions” page, where you will be able to start a chat with each match individually.

How to delete the different companion searches (related to activities)?

On the “Companions” page you have to click the trashcan button next to the corresponding search you are trying to delete.

How to block an unpleasant user?

You have to start a chat with the corresponding user, then open a drop-down menu inside the chat window where it is possible to click “Block users”.

Does the blocked user see if I have blocked them?

No, the blocked user will simply not see you anymore on the Go Together portal.

How to delete a chat history with another user?

You have to open the drop-down menu in the chat with the corresponding user and click “Delete chat”.

How to add or change a profile picture?

Every user can add or change their profile picture by clicking “Change” on the page “Profile”.

I received an e-mail about a new match or a message but it is not visible in the Go Together portal. What should I do?

It means that the corresponding companion, who messaged you or matched with you, deleted the chat or companion search. In case this happens multiple times in a row, please contact the Go Together Helpdesk under the page “Help”.

Can I send a message to a user with whom I have not matched through companion search yet?

No, it is only possible to chat with users who you have matched with through the companion search.

How can I change my e-mail notification settings?

You can change your e-mail notification settings on the page called “Settings”

Is it possible to use Go Together in different countries?

The goal of Go Together is not to only provide the possibility to find a companion in your current location but the objective is to grant everybody an opportunity to meet people from different countries and cultures.

How can I delete my account?

In order to delete your account, please navigate Profile -> Settings -> Delete user.

How to change my user information?

Every user can change the information they provide on their profile on the page “Profile”.

What should I do if there are no matching companions in my region?

One of the possible solutions is to change the radius criteria before you create a search. In addition, it is possible to change your location to a more populated area.

How many companion searches can I create in total?

There are no limits regarding the creation of the companion searches. However, there cannot be more than one identical searches.

What is an “Icebreaker”?

Icebreaker is an answer to a question, which every user has to provide. It is used to ease the opening of communication in chat with a new companion.

Using Go Together to plan your future travels

It is possible to change your location every time before creating a new search, in order to be able to plan your activities for all different scenarios. For example, you wish to travel to Paris in 3 months. Through the Go Together portal you can start finding your companion in Paris for various activities already now!

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