Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Last modified: 16/01/2018

1.1. These Terms of Use and Privacy (hereinafter collectively Terms of Use) regulate the terms and conditions, which regulate the use of the portal located at www.gotogether.ee (hereinafter Portal; the Portal is a technical platform offering a possibility to find parties interested in joint activities), and the services provided through the same, which are accepted by every visitor or user of the Portal when they use the Portal.
1.2. The operator of the Portal is Go Together OÜ (hereinafter Go Together), commercial registry code 14218240, e-mail info@gotogether.ee.
1.3. By creating an account on the Portal (hereinafter Registration) the user confirms that all data provided and all statements made by them are accurate; they are a natural person with full legal capacity (of at least 18 years of age), or they have all rights and authorisations for ordering the services in the name of the user. The above referred statements are presumed to be accurate, and Go Together is not obligated to verify them. If any of the data are false, the user will be deleted.

2.1. The portal gotogether.ee provided by Go Together OÜ is a Portal that helps to find interested parties for joint activities (hereinafter collectively referred to as Services, and individually as Service).
2.2. Users of the Service are natural persons who Register as users of the Portal (hereinafter collectively referred to as Users, and individually as User).
2.3. In order to have full access to the functionalities of the Portal, a user must Register.
2.4. Go Together may establish separate additional terms and conditions for each individual Service (e.g. prices, content and scope of the service), which are published on the help centre page of the Portal, and in the social media sites of the Portal, and which constitute an integral part of the Terms of Use.

3.1. In order to request customer support in matters related to the use of the Portal, Registration, Services, and processing of personal data, the User shall contact the help centre of the Portal (hereinafter Customer Support).
3.2. Go Together will respond to questions of technical nature, which prevent the use of the Portal, which are sent to the Customer Support, within a reasonable period of time, but does not guarantee that questions are answered within a specified period of time, or that the responses given to the person asking the questions would be to their satisfaction.

4.1. All copyrights to any materials published on the Portal are the property to Go Together, or have been granted to Go Together to the extent that allows the same to be used on the Portal.
4.2. Any copyrights as well as other property rights to the content of the Portal (above all, the software, business model, texts, design, design elements) are owned by Go Together or their licensors. Any rights pertaining to the content of the Portal (other than any public information of service providers) belong to Go Together.
4.3. The user may publicly use any works, protected by copyright that are published on the Portal, without Go Together’s consent, if Go Together is identified as the source of the works.
4.4. The Portal is intended for personal use only, and is not intended for commercial purposes. Organisations, companies, and/or other associations do not have any rights to create a user, and to use the Portal for any illegal/ unauthorised manner, such as collection of names/ e-mails of users using software or in another manner, in order to distribute advertising messages (spam), computer viruses, and any unauthorised references to the Portal; disclosure thereof on another website of portal, will be investigated, and defaulted parties will be subject to civil, administrative or criminal sanctions.

5.1. Upon Registration the User shall provide their personal data.
5.2. The User shall give their consent to process their personal data within the scope described in the Terms of Use (clause 5.7) with a view to ensure quality and availability of the Services.
5.3. Go Together collects and stores personal data in electronic form and, where necessary, makes excerpts from them in another form.
5.4. Go Together processes personal data in order to provide clients the Services, and to communicate Portal related information to the User.
5.5. Go Together does not communicate, sell, or disclose the User’s data to third parties without the client’s prior consent.
5.6. Go Together has the right to communicate personal data to companies of the Go Together group, and to disclose information pertaining to the provision of services to their cooperation partners (clause 5.4).
5.7. Go Together processes the following personal data of the User: given name and surname, date of birth, e-mail address, and the location - based on this criteria the Portal offers suitable companions for desired activities (hereinafter Personal Data). The User may examine their Personal Data at any time, and correct the data on the Portal within their profile, or request deletion of the data, unless there are legal grounds to refuse deletion of such data.
5.8. Go Together is not obliged to preserve Personal Data of Users.
5.9. The User may revoke their consent for processing Personal Data at any time, request termination of the processing and use of any collected Personal Data, and closing their user accounts. In order to do this, the User shall submit a respective written request to the Customer Support, or send it to the e-mail address info@gotogether.ee. Revocation of the consent shall not have retrospective effect.

6.1. Visitors and users of the Portal consent that Personal Data may be collected and transferred beyond their country of residence only within the Go Together organisation.
6.2. Go Together may, when the Portal is visited and Services are used, or in the course of interactive communication, use various technologies, which collect information about accessing and using the Services (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook). Such information may contain, inter alia, information about the User and the interactive communication, details of enquiries made, data of technical nature (e.g. IP address, connection devices, operating system), and other similar information.

7.1. The User understand and agrees that Go Together may examine and delete any information, messages, and profiles of members (hereinafter “User Info”), which at Go Together’s discretion do not comply with the terms and conditions of this contract, and are either abusive, or illegal, which may violate rights of other members, damage or jeopardise safety of other visitors of the Portal.
7.2. The User bears full responsibility for the content of the data and materials that they have disclosed on the Portal, or to other users or visitors of the Portal.
7.3. Go Together is not responsible for the content of data and materials published by the User.
7.4. When disclosing their profile info (other than their personal data) on the Portal, the User automatically agrees with the right of Go Together to use the information provided for creating marketing materials of Go Together.
7.5. This clause sets out the list of materials the publication of which on the Portal is prohibited. Go Together retains the right to investigate any cases of publication of such materials, and apply sanctions available for them under law and this contract to any persons who have been found to have violated the requirements, including removal of prohibited materials from the Portal, termination of this contract, cancellation and termination of the provision of services to such person, and their membership.
Materials, publication of which on the Portal are prohibited include:
7.5.1. materials of offensive nature, including racist materials, or materials that promote violence against an individual or a group;
7.5.2. materials that violate rights of third parties, or support such violations;
7.5.3. materials with no semantic meaning, including “letters of happiness” (consistently addressed to an unlimited number of recipients), and unauthorised advertising messages (junk mail);
7.5.4. materials that contain obviously false or misleading information, recommending illegal activities, or offensive, threatening, unreasonable, discrediting, or humiliating behaviour, as well as such activities or behaviour;
7.5.5. materials that help the copying or spreading of illegal or unauthorised materials, materials protected by copyrights, and belong to third persons, including those who are giving access to counterfeit software, or contain references to that, containing data about violation of protective systems and copyrights to hardware and software, possession of pirated music and video files, references to the same;
7.5.6. materials that display content of a website or portal, or a separate page, access, which is limited or requires a password, or contains references to bypass such limitation, as well as displaying of content of hidden or non-referred websites or portals;
7.5.7. materials of erotic or violent nature;
7.5.8. materials that contain information, describe technology or give instructions for creating or purchasing weapons, which is prohibited, creation of computer viruses, violation of personal rights, or other unlawful activities;
7.5.9. materials that contain offers, or enquiries towards other members in connection of providing passwords or other identifying information to be subsequently used for commercial or unlawful purposes;
7.5.10. solicitation of third parties to participate in any business or trading activities, or to carry out any actions that could yield economic benefits, including participation in prize contests, totalisators, advertising campaigns, pyramid schemes, gambling, without a prior consent of Go Together.
7.6. You are obliged to use the Portal and the services provided in line with all applicable laws and resolutions.
7.7. The User may not add any telephone numbers, Internet addresses of websites and e-mail addresses in the fields of their profile. If the User fails to observe the provisions of this clause 7.7, the responsibility for misuse of information will rest with the User.
7.8. You may not advertise or invite other members to purchase or sell goods or services with the use of the Portal. You may not send other members of the site ads or letters with semantic content, or arrange sending of bulk mail.
7.9. Go Together does not follow users beyond the Portal. Go Together shall not be responsible for any injuries, abuse, or any damages caused to other individuals as a result of using the service.

8.1. Go Together has the right to:
8.1.1. send Users personal messages related to the Portal. The User has the right to decline such messages;
8.1.2. suspend or terminate at any time the provision of their services to all Users or certain groups of users either for a specified term, or with indefinite effect, without giving a reason for the same;
8.1.3. verify whether the use of the environment takes place in conformity with the Terms of Use. If any violations are discovered, Go Together may use all rights set forth by law and these Terms of Use;
8.1.4. examine the materials publicly disclosed by the User at any time at their convenience in order to establish whether or not these materials are contrary to the provisions of the Terms of Use;
8.1.5. request during the process of creating a User Account authentication of the person, and to process personal data for the provision of the services on terms and conditions and pursuant to the procedure prescribed by law;
8.2. Go Together shall be responsible for performing the obligations set out in the Terms of Use in the best possible way at the time in question, whereas Go Together does not accept any responsibility for possible damages suffered by the User in the following cases:
8.2.1. when the damage has occurred for reasons not attributable to Go Together, above all due to disruptions in the provision of the services or the internet connection constituting a precondition for the use of the services;
8.2.2. when the damage has occurred for reasons not attributable to Go Together as a result of delays in communication or deletion of information of the user’s information;
8.2.3. when the damage has been caused by unauthorised access to information stored in the Internet, or modification of such information for any unauthorised persons;
8.2.4. when the User has any claims regarding information, services, or products presented or received via the services or in connection with the same, in terms of their availability, fitness for their purpose, their accuracy and/or content.
8.3. The User shall be independently and fully responsible, inter alia, for:
8.3.1. the content of the data and information communicated by them through the use of the services, and their conformity with the provisions of the Terms of Use and the effective legislation;
8.3.2. misuse of any purposes of the use of the services;
8.3.3. damages that are suffered by the User and/or any third party in connection with any breach of these Terms of Use by the User.

9.1. The Terms of Use enter into effect at the moment when the User Account is created in the Go Together environment, and shall continue in effect indefinitely.
9.2. Go Together has the right to amend and/or modify the content, parameters, limitations, procedures of the services, the menu structures, documentation, etc. of their provision without giving the User prior notice. Any amendments shall be deemed disclosed to the user at the moment the same are made available in the Go Together environment. The amended Terms of Use shall enter into effect upon their publication on the Portal.
9.3. For the purpose of developing the services, and in order to ensure better and more secure use of the same, Go Together has the right to unilaterally amend and supplement the Terms of Use and the Portal from time to time.
9.4. Go Together may notify the User of the amendments and addenda to the Terms of Use and the Website by publishing respective notices on the Facebook page of Go Together.
9.5. Any amendments and addenda to the Terms of Use and the Website shall enter into effect after such amendments and addenda are published at www.gotogether.ee.
9.6. The User confirms their agreement with the amendments and addenda to the Terms of Use and/or the Website by continued use of the services of Go Together after the amendments/addenda entered into effect.
9.7. The Portal may contain links to other websites which are beyond Go Together’s control. Go Together only publishes such links to make it easier for users of the Portal to find data, and is not responsible for the content of the linked websites.
9.8. Go Together may, at their full discretion, either limit or cancel the User’s right to use the Portal, incl. to close the User's account, and prevent the User from re-registering as a user, if the user has committed a breach of the Terms of Use, or any obligations arising therefrom, if the User has provided false or misleading information or otherwise acts in bad faith.
9.9. Go Together retains the right to modify from time to time the content or format of the Portal without prior notice. Go Together has the right to modify and update from time to time the technical structure and functionality of the Portal; to suspend or end the provision of the Service, and to close any part thereof; to establish restrictions to the use of certain parts or functionalities of the Services (e.g. data volumes, uploading speed, volume of the stored content, etc.). Go Together shall give the Client and the User a prior notice of major modifications in within a reasonable time before their entry into effect on the Facebook page of Go Together.
9.10. In order to make the Services available, the Portal is connected with applications, websites, and services of third parties, which may have separate terms of use and privacy. Go Together shall not be responsible for the content and terms of use of such applications, websites and services. Examples of such applications, websites, and services used by Go Together on their portal include: Google Maps, Google Places.
9.11. The legal relationships arising from the Terms of Use shall be governed by the law of the Republic of Estonia. The User and Go Together shall make their best effort to settle any possible disputes by negotiations. If the negotiations fail, the dispute shall be settled by Harju County Court.